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Accommodation is one of the most significant considerations for any tourist. In this excerpt, you will learn some travel accommodation tips that will make your trip stress-free. 

Find the right accommodation

There are various types of tourist accommodation — hence, you have to pick one that suits your needs. Below is a short guide to help you. 

Hotels are convenient and easy to find. Hotel accommodation is designed to accommodate all kinds of tourists from those on a low budget to those seeking luxury services.

Motels are best suited for tourists using road transport. They are located away from town and have ample parking facilities. 

Hostels are best suited for the backpacker. In a hostel, you will share accommodation facilities with other tourists. Most hostels are considerably cheap.

In home rental accommodation, you pay to live in someone's house. During booking, inquire about the house rules and check the host's reviews.

Holiday apartments are best suited for long-term stays. They are also the best option during group travel. 

Book early

Create an itinerary to determine which cities you will visit during your trip. Booking early ensures that you get reasonable rates. Besides, you also get conveniently-located rooms. During booking, inquire about the cancellation policy. Some types of accommodation will allow free cancellation up to a day before your arrival. 


Since you are new to the city, ensure that you stay at a convenient location. If you have a car, parking should be a top priority. The area should also be secure. Choose accommodation that is close to amenities such as malls, banks and restaurants. 

Extra Services

Services such as Wi-Fi and cable television can help you stay in touch with your friends and local news. Some businesses have partnerships with taxis and airport shuttles to ease the movement of guests from the airport and within the city. Some will even go the extra mile to provide local guides in the package for people that would want to experience the local culture. 


As a tourist, safety should be your top priority. Have a copy of your passport to use in case you lose the original document. Always have emergency contacts such as those of hotel security and the embassy. When staying at a hotel, lock valuable items such as jewellery and your laptop in the safe. Also, make sure that the locks to your room are functional. Finally, consider taking a travel insurance cover. 

Tourists should choose accommodation that suits their needs. They should also book early, choose a convenient location, look out for extra services and make safety a priority.


20 March 2019

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