Finding Accommodation When You're Travelling in a Group

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Whether you're enjoying a summer break before university or you're travelling together with several families, finding the right accommodation to suit your group isn't always easy. While some large properties are available, you may want to consider other factors when narrowing them down. These could include the number of beds, as well as whether they have the facilities you need to relax.

Look at bed space rather than just the number of bedrooms

Particularly large groups may want to look at the number of beds on offer rather than just the number of bedrooms. Some properties contain sofa beds, which provide up to two extra spaces. In addition, when you're travelling as part of a family, you may want to consider whether the accommodation you're considering provides travel cots for younger members, which frees up even more space.

Consider renting more than one property

On some occasions, you may struggle to find properties that provide enough room for everyone in your group. This is especially true when looking at city accommodation, as this usually means renting apartments or smaller houses. When this is the case, invest a little time in looking at apartment blocks that contain more than one property for rent. You may also want to reach out to the person managing the accommodation you're considering, as they could have more properties nearby for your consideration. When doing this, move quickly to put down a deposit or make a booking so that others don't get in there and ruin your plans.

Balance activities with rest and recharge time

Finding a space for everyone to rest their head isn't the only factor you should consider when arranging group accommodation. When lots of you are travelling together, you need to ensure you're within easy reach of the activities that appeal to you, and you need facilities that will allow you to relax. When self-catering, make sure there's a decent-sized kitchen with plenty of room in the fridge for everyone's drinks and snacks. If you're looking at houses and villas, look for decent pools that are sizeable enough for everyone to relax around. Finally, make sure there's either a reliable car hire company or a regular public transport system nearby so you can all move smoothly when exploring the locale.

With a little forward planning, arranging group accommodation doesn't always have to induce stress. Once you complete your booking, you can look forward to a getaway that'll create lasting memories for everyone in attendance. 


16 May 2017

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