What to Pack for a Self-Drive Boating Holiday

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When you're ready for a new adventure, few experiences beat taking on the role of a skipper and setting off on a self-drive boating holiday. Whether it's a trip around the Broken Bay-Hawkesbury system or a wild adventure at Lake Glenbawn, hiring a boat allows for lots of freedom and the chance to craft your own itinerary. To get more from your first boating experience, take some time to prepare the essentials.

Pack enough food for your onboard self-catering experience

A key benefit of using self-drive boat hire for your next holiday is being able to explore pubs and restaurants along the waterways. However, you may also want to pack enough food for snacks and some last minute meals. Boats feature a fridge for perishable goods as well as a hob and oven. In some cases, you may even find a microwave. To get more from your expedition, consider saving a little fridge space for storing local produce you find along the way.

Pack clothing that's appropriate for a boat trip

Don't just pack clothes that are weather friendly, choose some that make boat life easier too. Hard wearing gloves save your hands from blisters and calluses when working locks and wheels, while non-slip deck shoes are essential for staying safe in wet conditions. If you're heading to an area where you'll encounter lots of splashes, pack waterproof overalls. Finally, consider packing soft suitcases, as they take up less space than hard ones.

Create a luxury self-drive boat hire experience with extra power

If you can't stand the thought of heading on holiday without your creature comforts, bring some extra long leads to get more from your onboard electricity source. With leads that extend close to the deck, you can play music while you're outside. While the electricity on board supports charging phones, hair straighteners and portable fridges for keeping beer cool, it won't tolerate domestic appliances such as kettles and toasters. Instead, try bringing stove top alternatives that won't blow a fuse.

Bring a first aid kit for when things go wrong

Nobody likes to think they'll encounter rocky times when on their boating holiday, but it's best to prepare for all eventualities. Help is never far away when you're navigating the Australian waterways, so just the basics will do:

  • Medication you need to take and basic pain relief, such as paracetamol
  • Bandages and plasters for small wounds
  • Sun screen and after sun to protect against and treat burns
  • Bug spray and antihistamines for handling critters that love to nip

Finally, don't forget to familiarise yourself with your route and keep a list of emergency contact numbers. With a little advance planning, your boating holiday will run smoothly.


24 April 2017

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