Ten Things To Take On Your Hen Night Party Bus

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Gone is the time when your hen night was likely to be just you and a few mates having a drink in your local pub. These days it's all a much more exciting affair--and you're going to need to be well prepared for it! If your maid of honour has booked you a party bus to help you see the night through in style, make sure you've got the essentials with you before you leave.

  1. A basic first aid kit. Accidents happen, so make sure you're well stocked with the essentials: painkillers, plasters, antiseptic cream and cushioned pads for high heel pain.

  2. A bit of emergency cash. Hopefully the group will stay together and everything will go smoothly--but make sure you've got the cab fare home just in case, and ensure there's enough money available if the bus needs to be refilled at a petrol station.

  3. A pair of flat shoes. There comes a point in every hen night when your gorgeous high heels just aren't worth it any longer, so be sure to take some flats to change into when you've had enough.

  4. Details for the bus hire company. Just in case anything goes awry, make sure you can easily get in touch with the company who own your party bus to smooth out any difficulties.

  5. Everyone's favourite drinks. There's nothing wrong with a bit of celebration on the way to your venue, so make sure you have a few tipples for your party to enjoy as things are getting started!

  6. Plenty of water. Water is an essential part of keeping going all night long and still feeling like a human being the next day. Alternate between drinks and don't skimp on the H2O!

  7. Some sensible snacks. Eating isn't cheating, so be sure to have a few sensible snacks (nuts are great, as they're full of protein) to keep you going.

  8. Spare tights or stockings. There's nothing more annoying than laddering your hosiery halfway through the night and being stuck with the tear for hours. Make sure you pack a spare in case of emergencies.

  9. The perfect playlist. Music sets the scene and gets you all in the party mood, so make sure you pick out the perfect tunes in advance. If your party bus doesn't have a sound system, pick up a set of affordable bluetooth speakers and play your music straight from your phone.

  10. Your phone charger. Speaking of your phone, it would be annoying to be without it--so make sure you have a car-adapted charger so you can plug it in as the bus takes you to your destination!


22 March 2017

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